Cultural Evolution and Becoming Woke

2020 continues to be a wild ride of examining structures and systems that are antiquated and biased, built on foundations of prejudice and inequality. I spoke about the tumultuous ups and downs we would encounter with the collective cycles we are in back in January and April.  If you missed those, you can catch up on them here. While these periods of unrest

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Hope For Humanity: Understanding Where We Are

I have been silent since the last newsletter that I sent out in late January “Safety, Security and Silencing the Doubts.” What I wrote then still very much applies. Our human nature is to go into fear when our safety and security feels threatened.  In it, I mentioned the upcoming Viral Pandemic.  Fast forward a few months and here we

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Safety, Security and Silencing the Doubts

We have almost completed a full month into the new decade and I’m already exhausted. Earthquakes, celebrity deaths, threats of a viral pandemic, and nonstop coverage of ‘politics gone wild’ have me wishing I could shape shift into a bear and hibernate for the rest of winter. But alas, I know I have to be responsible and get on with

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The Celebration of Light

Having just celebrated the Winter Solstice on the 21st of December, we collectively move towards various traditions known by different names but unified by a common denominator – the celebration and honoring of Light. For millennia, human beings have been drawn to honor the darkest part of the year filled with short hours of daylight and long cold winters. Each solstice

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Character, Kindness and a New Wish for the Holiday

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to express tremendous gratitude to those I’ve had the pleasure of working with throughout the year.  Individuals who invest in their Soul development are a rare breed!  To do so benefits the world and all those whose lives you touch. May your holiday be filled with love and blessings. May you continue

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Embracing Duality on the Path to Wholism

Born on the cusp during the Summer Solstice, my first breath of life imprinted me as a Gemini. Gemini, which is represented by the twins, is one of the signs which signifies a dual nature. Even though I’ve always strongly identified with my astrological sign, growing up I never truly understood the significance of how our astrological makeup is a

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The Time is Now

Today, September 20, 2019, young people and adults from all over the world are standing together in a strike to demand action be taken to address the climate crisis that we all find ourselves in. They are gathering three days ahead of the United Nations Climate Action Summit on September 23. Protestors can be found holding signs ranging from “We can’t

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Bringing Awareness to our Presence and Power

I attended a three day event this past weekend in Atlanta.  The event was called ‘The Art of Feminine Presence.’  The main intention was to increase awareness about how we carry ourselves in the world physically and energetically. Exercises throughout the event taught attendees to bring mindfulness to their physical body while minimizing the time they spend in their head

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The Life Hack for Less Struggle

Everywhere we turn, we see a world full of struggle.  Separation, division and confusion are at an all-time high.  With so much chaos on the scene, it can be easy to see how one might get caught up in the collective currents and lose a sense of safety within themselves. One of the biggest challenges of this reality is coming

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Finding Light in the Darkness

I recently returned from a Darkness Retreat in Lake Atitlan which is located in the highlands of Guatemala. I spent 5 days and 6 nights in complete darkness without the distraction of social media, a cell phone, schedule or having to navigate other human beings. I was completely alone with myself and my dark surroundings invited me to surrender into

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