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puzzle piecesIt has been said that being an Entrepreneur or small business owner is one of the greatest spiritual journeys we will ever be on. It requires us to come face to face with our deepest fears, to embrace being seen, feeling worthy, continually embracing change and embodying a fierce determination to keep moving no matter how uncomfortable it gets. Of course all that discomfort can make for an intense showing of resistance in the way of procrastination, drama, confusion and lack of clarity. All being massive prosperity killers!

A successful business requires that we show up each and every day connected to our truth of Why we are in business to begin with. A lot of individuals start a business in reaction to something else: losing a job, leaving a marriage, wanting an ‘easier’ path, etc. Being an Entrepreneur is not an easy path! It can be all consuming and requires commitment, perseverance, and a love of your craft. Passion is a necessity when will power decides to take the day or week off. Much like a relationship, our business requires us to be there during the good times, challenging times and every point in between.

Insight from the Akashic Records can be a God send when navigating the Entrepreneur journey. The Records can connect us to our purpose and gifts as well as our blind spots that limit us from fully stepping into our potential. We can also use this information to work with our employees as we invest in their personal and professional development and with our clients to see bigger breakthroughs in less time. Akashic Record insight and Transformational Coaching are rocket fuel for the innovation and sustainability of any business.

Companies like Yahoo and Google are continually investing in their employee’s personal development. Why? Because they know to keep the creative and inspirational ideas flowing, their key people need to be connected to inner drive and passion. Having a love for the work we do makes all the difference in the world. How can one accomplish this? By learning more about who they are, what they like, what they don’t like, what their strengths and values are and leveraging them to step into their true potential.

There are many powerful tools that I use to tailor programs to your specific needs and the needs of your employees. I do one on one coaching, group coaching, workshops and classes. Reach out for more information on how I can assist you with your business.

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