The Pageantry of Life

Last week we celebrated the Summer Solstice which marks the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The Solstice was also the anniversary of the day I took my first breath of life in this world 43 years ago.  Wow how time flies when you’re having fun! Every year when my Birthday rolls around, I take some time

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True Freedom

Today in the United States we witnessed a historic moment as our 45th president was sworn into office.  Regardless of where one stands politically, the events of the day draw us into reflection about our nation, its history and what liberty (freedom) looks and feels like for us as a country and in our own lives. Most people, at least

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BE the Light

As we head into Thanksgiving we find ourselves with much to be grateful for. Our lives are filled with abundance from a surplus of food to beautiful home comforts and technological advancements that make life easier. We are surrounded by more supply than previous generations have ever had.  The ease from which we can access anything we want is lightning

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Why we need Transition in our lives

No matter what chapter you are currently creating in your life, inevitably, you will come upon a period of Transition. I took April off from sending my monthly newsletter because I am currently winding down the ‘in town Atlanta’ period of my life to begin a new phase, a phase that is more connected to peace, stillness and Mother Nature. 

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The Gift of Contrast

Most of us spend our lives avoiding contrast instead of embracing the innate wisdom embedded in what it teaches us. Contrast is the state of being that is strikingly different from something else. Black versus white. Poverty versus abundance. Dark versus light. Emptiness versus fulfillment. For the majority of humanity, our time on this planet is essentially moving from one

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The True Meaning of PASSION

  When most of us think of the word Passion, we think of love, desire and romance. The true meaning of passion however is much different. The true meaning of passion is “to suffer.” According to Kevin Hall the author of ‘Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words’, “At its essence, passion is sacred suffering. It’s one thing

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Our Capacity for Joy and Happiness

Most of us, if asked, would deny that we have a ceiling for the amount of joy and happiness that we can receive.  We think “Of course I can overflow with happiness and bask in every moment of it!”  We even pursue it as some sort of prize, thinking once we claim it our life will be fixed, upgraded and

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Saving Time

I recently came across this helpful article about how to save time by doing less. The article “One founder’s best productivity trick: Save time and do less” posted on the wework blog really resonated with me. As I step into doing more growth and expansion in my business, I’m seeing the challenges of only having 24 hours a day to

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The role YOU play in your life

“To the question of your life, you are the only answer. To the problems of your life, you are the only solution.”  – Jo Coudert I recently updated my business card and selected this quote for the back of it.  When I read this profound truth, it elicits strong feelings of empowerment in me.  I have a sense that it

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