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Hope For Humanity: Understanding Where We Are

I have been silent since the last newsletter that I sent out in late January “Safety, Security and Silencing the Doubts.” What I wrote then still very much applies. Our human nature is to go into fear when our safety and security feels threatened.  In it, I mentioned the upcoming Viral Pandemic.  Fast forward a few months and here we

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*Subject to Change*

I recently returned from a retreat in the Bahamas swimming with wild dolphin in open waters.  It was truly amazing and an experience I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to shift out of the monotony of everyday routine, to disconnect from the phones and computers that have become such a staple and distraction from the peace and quiet we

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Why we need Transition in our lives

No matter what chapter you are currently creating in your life, inevitably, you will come upon a period of Transition. I took April off from sending my monthly newsletter because I am currently winding down the ‘in town Atlanta’ period of my life to begin a new phase, a phase that is more connected to peace, stillness and Mother Nature. 

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