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The Shortsighted Nature of ‘One and Done’

I love looking at the limiting beliefs and pervasive patterns that have a strong hold in our collective thought process so I can unravel the grip it has on us. I was waiting recently in the service lobby of my car dealership and heard an ad for a Preacher peddling his holy tonic water as the end all cure for

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You are…

The artist, poet, potter and designer.  You are all of those things and more.  Yet day after day you sit and wait for someone to come into your life to fix or rescue you. You wait for a savior instead of picking up the brush to create your dreams and desires.  You wait for someone to give you the vibrant

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Committing to Mastery

We find ourselves in a world that is busier than ever before. We have unlimited opportunities and potential surrounding us at all times.  “The abundance of everything” sounds amazing but it can actually limit us instead of propelling us forward. WHY? Because for the majority of our A.D.D. over-stimulated, instant gratification selves, it throws us into overload as we hop

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